So what happens when an MMM turns 18 years old—do they have to leave the group?

Don’t worry Clan MacLeod has a solution!

They join the NRG!  A group of young MacLeods who are involved in Clan service activities, and whose eNeRGy captivates us all at the Clan MacLeod Parliament held on Skye every 4 years.

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Mighty Mini MacLeods


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Mighty Mini MacLeods


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Mighty Mini MacLeods

For the parents

Parents play a significant role in whether a newcomer will return.  This social group for young people aims to:

  promote a sense of belonging to Clan MacLeod

  facilitate opportunities for interaction and ongoing friendships  

  promote acceptance and celebration of Scottish culture.

Mighty Mini MacLeods

Calendar and upcoming activities

There are 4 MMM events per year.

MMM meet at interesting venues to participate in activities, talk and share the events with one another.

Mighty Mini MacLeods

The Mighty Mini MacLeods, otherwise known as MMM, are a group of kids aged 4 to 17 years who are MacLeods, have family who are MacLeods or others who are just 'all round nice people' wanting to join the group and have fun!

Please scroll to explore what we are about!

Mighty Mini MacLeods

Who we are and what we do

MMM are a group of kids that are a part of the MacLeod community.

MMM go to lots of fun local venues and do activities together.  

We show kids that it is a mighty good Clan to belong to!

Mighty Mini MacLeods

How to join and contact us

We invite you to join us at MMM