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Who we are...

The Mighty Mini MacLeods, otherwise known as MMM, are a group of kids who are MacLeods themselves, are related to a MacLeod or are just all round nice people with a connection to the Clan who want to join the group. To join MMM you don’t have to be Scottish, all you need to be is enthusiastic and want to be part of the Mighty Mini MacLeods and come and attend the events.

What we do...

My brother James (the Secretary) and I (Georgia Walters, the President), as good as they are, were getting a bit bored at all of the Clan MacLeod events, and in 2014 with the Clan members help we came up with the idea of starting a group that all the kids could attend and still be part of the MacLeod community. This idea was finalised in 2015 and that’s when MMM was born.

What we do is we go to lots of fun local venues such as Bounce, the Ice Arena, Pumpt, and my personal favourite the Chocolate Factory. We are trying to show that you should embrace your inner Scossie (a Scossie is a Scot- Australian) and that being a MacLeod isn't just about the serious parts of the Clan, its also about having fun. We are also trying to keep the connections and tradition alive with the next generation of MacLeods and show them that Clan MacLeod is fun. We are trying to show it is a mighty good Clan!

Aims of the Mighty Mini MacLeods


     the common Scottish connection and for it to form the basis of

     fostering or 'growing' leaders within our Society;


     the younger members or family of members to get to know other young

     members and form friendships;


     engagement of the younger members or family of members within the

     Society to interact in a safe space.

We want you!

The current MMM President - Georgia Walters, and MMM Secretary - James Walters are keen for new members aged between 4 and 17 years to join.

Please contact us via How to join and contact us if you know children who want to join and participate in the kid and youth-friendly events.

The appointed positions will be rotated as more members join.

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