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Crests, Coat of Arms, Symbols and Emblems

The Arms of the Associated Clan MacLeod Societies is registered with the Lyon Court and represents a combination of the Arms of the two main branches of Clan MacLeod.  The separate Coats of Arms are the personal possessions of the Chiefs of the Clan.

Clan Tormod

MacLeod of MacLeod (Harris and Dunvegan) has the motto 'Hold Fast'.  Its Coat of Arms displays the symbol of Dunvegan Castle and the three legged symbol of the Kingdom of Man, with the Bull’s Head above.

Clan Torquil

MacLeod of the Lewes, has an old Scots’ motto 'I Birn Quhil I se' (I burn while I shall) and the Coat of Arms features a fiery mountain with the Sun in all its splendour as the crest.  Hence the features join to form the Clan MacLeod Societies’ Arms and motto  -  'We Shall Hold a Light'.

The Crests are that portion of the Coat of Arms which in general use may  ymbolise a branch of the Clan and identify a person’s adherence.

Similarly, the use of tartan may be an expression of adherence to a clan or branch of the clan. It is often more recognisable than the crest.

There is no constraint on wearing tartan other

than respect for what it represents.

The Sturt’s Desert Pea - Swainsona Formosa is the Floral Emblem of South Australia, in conjunction with the two MacLeod tartans it expresses our location and heritage.  By coincidence, the flower’s red and black are the tartan colours of MacLeods of Raasay, pioneers of the land in the colony of South Australia.


Macleod of the Lewes is the Sun in all splendour  and 'I Birn Quhil I se' is old Scot for 'I burn while I Shall' (or see ...the need to).

MacLeod of Lewes was originally Luceo non Uro, however Chief Roderick when he matriculated the Arms of Lewis in 1988 chose an ancient Scot's motto instead of the  latin one.

Chief MacLeod of Raasay has the same crest as Lewis, because he is descended from the same branch of Clan MacLeod.  He however has opted to retain the latin 'Luceo Non Uro'... 'I shine not burn'.

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