Clan MacLeod Society of Australia (South Australia) Inc.



We welcome people interested in Clan MacLeod.  A person is eligible for membership if the person:

{}          bears the name of MacLeod

     ▪     bears the name of a recognised Sept, or adherent of  the Clan MacLeod

     ▪     bore that name but has adopted another name

     ▪     is descended from a person who bore the name of MacLeod or a

         recognised Sept or adherent of the Clan

          is a spouse of someone who is Macleod, a Sept or adherent of the Clan

     ▪     is none of the above, but has an affinity with the Clan MacLeod.

People take up membership for various reasons, e.g. family research, social activities or a sense of belonging.

Each member finds their own level of involvement, but are all pleased to share a common bond.

We invite you to explore your heritage and look forward to your company at our many events.

Please go to Download Membership Form to obtain a form.

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