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Past MacLeod Clan gatherings

The Goldfields Highland Gathering, 1999

North American Gathering, Canada, August 2000 - by Isobel and Trevor Clasohm

The Clan MacLeod World Gathering, 2003

MacLeods in the South East, Nalang, 2004 - by Trevor Powell

Jubilee Clan Parliament Dunvegan, 2006

16th Clan MacLeod Parliament Report, 2010 - extracted from the New South Wales September 2010 Newsletter, with thanks.

A Letter from Scotland, Parliament 2010 - by Alex McLeod.       

McAskills and their connection to MacLeod

McAskills and their connection to MacLeod

Talk by Professor Eric Richards, Flinders University

Talk by Eric Richards

Malcolm Maccrimmon, Piper Extraordinaire

Malcolm Maccrimmon, Piper Extraordinaire

Sir Donald McLeod Lt. Governor, Punjab, India

Founder of McLeod Ganj, (by Daramsala,  now the retreat of the Dalai Lama and Tibetan in exile).

Colonial Administrator,  Educator, Philanthropist.

Biography of Sir Donald McLeod

(University of Toronto Library pdf archive .  Sir Donald McLeod,  40 years service in India.   Biography by Major-General Lake 1873.)  

See also  Dalai Lama, the Tibetans and McLeod

CMSSA Historical Documents and Photographs

CMSSA Historical Documents and Photographs

Articles from Clan MacLeod News - South Australia


North American Gathering, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Outsider opens the Research and Discovery of the Raasay MacLeods in Australia

Associated Clan MacLeod Societies search for Projects, Ideas and Realities

Terorist attacks in the USA

What's in a name?


Dalai Lama, the Tibetans and McLeod

Historic MacLeod Cemetery, Jamestown


Christchurch Gathering


Clans, Families and Septs

'In our hands In our time'


Editorial, February

Poems and other creations


Back to Nalang, December

Editorial 'Emotions', May

Editorial 'Not silly season', December

Parliament Youth Report, September

'Scottish Exodus' -  Book, February

Tale of Two Ships, February


Vale Chief John MacLeod, February

50th Anniversary plans February

Chief Hugh MacLeod of MacLeod, 30th Chief , May

Clan buries its Chief, May

MacLeod Week Wrap, November


Chief succession Talisker, February

Editor's Rave 'Truth', February

Ian MacLeod and submarine, May

Story of Black Agnes, Countess of Dunbar (1312 – 1369), May

Editorial Visitation, May

Modern Scotland courting the Cavalry, August

The Cosmic Play and Mumbai, December

ACMS News, December

Clan Lunch with David McLeod


Sealwoman's Croon legend, February

Scotland's Identity, Calgacus, February

Scotland's Identity, War and Union, May

Scotland's Identity, The Golden Age, September

Scotland's Identity - Final, December

Australian Women’s Lacrosse World Cup, Prague  2009, September

Welcome the Dancer,  December


Editor's Exasperation, February

Postscript to 'Scotland's Identity', February

The curse of the MacLeods - a very dodgy builder, February

James Hunter, An address to Americans, March 2003, May

Editor's excursion to Scotland, August

Scotland on TV, December

Editorial slow calendars, December

Chief's Christmas letter, December

Letter from Scotland


Editor's Enlightenment, May

Genealogy tips, May

MacLeod Week Programme, May

MacLeod Week Summary, September

Skye news, September

Chief Donald's 2011 address, September

Toast - 'What's in a name?', September

Clan connections


Coming events, February

'The Long Farewell' -  Book, February

'The Long Farewell' -  Book, May

'The Long Farewell' -  Book, September

Editor's exploration - Douglas Mawson, December

Editor - Who are you?


Isle of Berneray, February

Lake MacLeod WA, tug and Talisker, February

Mt. Barker Highland Gathering, February

Isle Berneray MacLeods, June

Editor's efficacy, June

Scots on TV, June

MacLeod Mountie, December

Editor's Christmas experience, December


How Alice got her headstone - by Bill Hunt

Dunvegan Armorial, February

Scot Parliament Atlas Historique, February

Burns statue, May

Diaspora Tapestry, May

RGSSA Books of interest, September

2014 Parliament Youth Coordinator Report

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